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Repeat Tweets

AutotweeterPRO's Repeat Tweets option helps you tweet 24x7 non stop. Just setup the tweets in the excel sheet and select this option to make AutotweeterPRO go on autopilot. There are other controls that you can fine tune if twitter rejects the tweets or say its a duplicate.

Attach Images

Want to autotweet photos ?. No problem, AutotweeterPRO can schedule your photos to be tweeted. Just specify the photos path on your computer in the second column of the excel sheet and it will be autotweeted !

Send Duplicate Tweets

If twitter rejects your autotweet because it was a duplicate one, AutotweeterPRO will resend the tweet again by making it unique. This feature can be turned ON or OFF.

Random Time Intervals

Each autotweet will be send using a random time interval picked from a minimum and maximum range that you specify. This will make it look as if a human is tweeting, because human tweets are very random.

Load scheduled tweets from Excel sheet

You can preset all your tweets row by row in an excel sheet. AutotweeterPRO will take that excel sheet and start tweeting from there. It is as simple as that.

Runs in your Desktop

AutotweeterPRO runs in your own computer desktop, not on cloud. Your data is safe in your computer and you are in full control of Autotweeting.

Market your brand with AutotweeterPRO.

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