Frequently Asked Questions.


AutotweeterPRO is a small, but powerful & simple tweet scheduling desktop software. Unlike other tweet scheduling softwares which does many things, AutotweeterPRO does only one thing and it does it very well.

Many of the online and advanced softwares like TweetAdder or HootSuite requires you to undergo a high level of configurations before you can schedule your tweets. Most of them imposes a limit on the number of autotweets that you can send or even on the number of schedules for a day. AutotweeterPRO wins hands down in these cases. Sending automated tweets is as easy as typing down the tweets in an excel sheet and you are ready to autotweet !.

AutotweeterPRO works by connecting to the twitter's publicly available API using authentication keys that you have given to AutotweeterPRO.

This is perfectly legal and AutotweeterPRO is not doing any "tweaks/hacks/workarounds" to send tweets to twitter.

No , AutotweeterPRO do not need your twitter password. Twitter has a mechanism with which AutotweeterPRO can tweet to your twitter timeline.

AutotweeterPRO needs 4 keys from your twitter account. AutotweeterPRO cannot get these keys for you. You have to login to your twitter account and generate these 4 keys.The exact steps with screenshots on how to get these keys from your twitter account is explained in the user manual. There is also a video explainer on how to get these keys from your twitter account. These 4 keys are to be entered in AutotweeterPRO so that AutotweeterPRO can connect to your twitter account for sending scheduled tweets.

Yes , Email AutotweeterPRO at with the service code that you see on the software for a human to respond. A human will respond within 8 hours. General queries do not need service code. But if you need troubleshooting with the software, you need to send the service code.

Customer support is open to trial version users too. We dont differentiate between a trial and full version user for customer support. Every user gets the same great customer support.


Yes, AutotweeterPRO is a desktop application, which means your computer should be always ON and connected to internet for AutotweeterPRO to work. The computer should not be sleeping, though you can turn off the monitor to save energy.

You can purchase Windows virtual computers and run AutotweeterPRO in those computer. There are many companies which provides Windows hosting at a cheaper price. is one the cheapest Windows (less than $30/month) virtual hosting that folks at AutotweeterPRO recommends, because we have been using their services for a very long time. Once you purchase a Windows computer, you can remote desktop to the computer and it will work like your normal Windows computer, but on the cloud. In this way, you do not need a computer running in your office or at home for sending Autotweets with AutotweeterPRO.

Practically unlimited tweets, it will send as many tweets as you can setup in the excel sheet. If you enable repeat tweets option , AutotweeterPRO will repeat the tweet cycle infinite number of times.

Yes, AutotweeterPRO has a repeat tweets option. If you tick this option, AutotweeterPRO will run unlimitedly 24x7./p>

You can schedule tweets with a random time interval. There is a minimum and maximum range. AutotweeterPRO picks a random time in minutes from these ranges for each of the autotweets.

There is no schedule per tweet. All tweets will follow a randomly picked schedule from the time interval that you specify. By this mechanism, you dont have to worry about setting schedules per tweet and all tweets will be sent on a random time which will look organic. AutotweeterPRO will also show a countdown to the next scheduled tweet.

Yes, AutotweeterPRO can run non-stop unless you shutdown your computer. The repeat tweets option makes AutotweeterPRO tweet unlimited 24x7.

You can enter your tweets in a simple excel file, each tweet should be in a new row, then select the excel file in AutotweeterPRO and AutotweeterPRO will start sending tweets by reading the tweets row by row from the excel file. There is also a sample excel file which contains some tweets provided along with the download for your reference.

Yes, specify the path of the photo that you want to be tweeted along with your tweets in the second column of the excel sheet and the photo will be attached along with your tweet.

If you only need to autotweet an image, leave the first column blank in the row so that only the photo will be tweeted.

This depends on how you use AutotweeterPRO. If you send autotweets which contains spam, twitter will likely ban you. Many tweet scheduling services like HootSuite and other twitter automation tools work by scheduling tweets. AutotweeterPRO is also one of them though not having a brand image. So using AutotweeterPRO may not be the reason for twitter to ban your account.

Upgrading to full version.

The price is $ 25 USD for a single lifetime license. If you want to run multiple copies of the software in a single computer, you must purchase additional licenses.
No there is no subscription fees. A single lifetime license purchase of $ 25 USD is only needed.
You have unlimited trial version to evaluate before you make your purchase. We recommend you evaluate the trial version before making the purchase. Any reasonable request for refund will be accepted within 30 days of purchase and money will be fully refunded.

No, AutotweeterPRO do not store credit card details or any other details of the customer.

All the payment processing is handled by third party reputed secure payment processors like Stripe and PayPal. Stripe and Paypal handles the credit card purchase of AutotweeterPRO license. Your payment is processed either by Stripe or PayPal based on the method that you choose at the time of payment. is another secure service that is used for connecting to PayPal or Stripe for processing payment. do not see or store your credit card information. All of the AutotweeterPRO website is run on https with 256 bit encryption.

No, AutotweeterPRO is AutotweeterPRO. The name of the software is the same whether its running as a trial version or full version. After you purchase the license, there is no new software to install. The same trial version that you used will automatically get upgraded to full version after license purchase.
You can directly pay using credit card on Stripe or by PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted. Contact support if you do not have a credit card to purchase for other options.


Please update the access permission of the keys as "read and write" for the application you have registered in twitter. The write permission enables AutotweeterPRO to tweet to twitter. Its called "write" in computer terms, though its sending a tweet, just like CD-ROM and CD-RW as a popular example.

Check whether the consumer keys you specified are correct, in order to avoid any mistake use copy paste to paste the consumer keys to the AutotweeterPRO application window. Dont forget to click Save button and AutotweeterPRO will verify if your keys are correct and it can connect to your twitter account. If you see any errors like these, mostly its because something has happened with your keys from twitter. Either twitter has revoked access to the keys or your twitter account has been suspended. If your account is suspended, twitter might have send an email to your explaning the reason and how to get the service restored.

The technical support's scope is limited to configuring and using AutotweeterPRO only. If a firewall or antivirus or anything else is preventing AutotweeterPRO to function in the expected manner, then this problem has to be fixed by the customer by contacting the respective software provider. AutotweeterPRO support is not able to assist customers for configuring antivirus, firewall or any other softwares.